In an important development, three top western cricket teams decide to come to Pakistan


In an important development, three top western cricket teams decide to come to Pakistan.

International cricket in Pakistan is about to be fully restored. Two more teams from European countries have agreed to come to Pakistan.

Officials in Australia, Britain and Ireland have returned after visiting Lahore and Islamabad in this regard.

They have announced that they will play matches at Pakistan’s home ground within the next two years.

The Ireland team will come first, followed by the UK and Australia players coming to Pakistan. Ireland team to play matches in Pakistan in 2020

Although Ireland’s team is not so important, it is more important because of its relationship with European countries. Talks about the arrival of Pakistan from the UK and Australia are also underway. The ICC is also cooperating with Pakistan on the restoration of cricket

The revival of cricket began when the ICC co-operated with Pakistan in the World XI’s visit to Pakistan as a safe country for cricket , making the team’s first visit possible in 2017


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