In this news, what serious effects on human health increase from insectious medicines?

California (Monitoring Desk) Experts used ban on the commonly used insecticide to kill insects affecting crops in the fields of the world, demanding a ban on human beings very dangerous. International experts The team has revealed mental obstacles and other diseases in pregnant women’s children working in the environment of Arduino phosphates. Details are published in Public Library of Science (PLOS) Medicine. Experts have said that they will have to end the level in the entire world now.

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The University of California’s Environmental, Dr. Arva Herz Chechatot, said, ‘The evidence is increasing that the pregnant women working in the fields are on arguing phosphates Even if there is a slight amount of medication due to small amounts of medicines, their children can increase the problems and problems of IQ reduction, learning, memory, attention, and focus. It says that only one in other countries including the US Discussion on type arguing phosphate continues, but our research has proved that all the compounds of this generation are equally Hazardous to professionals. It is clear that it was made as a chemical weapon as a nerve gas. Today, Argino phosphates are used as an insecticide in the fields, golf fields, schools, and shopping centers. The nerves of insects are shaken and they die. They have said that not only in their environment but also all the food grains, these chemicals are absorbed and become part of their diet. On the same hand, experts have emphasized it, recognizing its presence in the water reservoir, a regular system of diseases and informing farmers about their risks.


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