Instagram stores are now possible to share with just close friends


If you are afraid to share your personal life engagement on stores, it has access to all the problems, now the problem has been resolved by the Facebook-based photocopying app. Sharing content to your nearby people is now easier. This company has introduced a feature named Kills Friends under which users can share stores with a few specialists. The Instagram Blog Post said that stores are now a platform where people express their emotions and share their daily engagement, but our community is spreading rapidly, and many times people desire their personal life. Do not share with one.

That’s why Kloise Friends was introduced, in which consumers will share personalities with the people of their choice. It is time to see that this year is growing rapidly. Friends are also the same as stores, in which the photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours, the number of difference falls.

According to the company more than a year in preparation for this feature and it has been introduced to customers around the world Friday. To use this feature, you will need to prepare a list of your close friends. After Focus Bureau Instagram, post a post by creating a store for people in this list, not add a user to this list. Many groups of such groups can be developed. Fifth Bureau Instagram is using more than 40 million people every day, and this number is more than doubled by the users of the App SnapChat on this feature creator daily.


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