Introducing some interesting features in the Whatspp quietly


Whatsapp is the world’s most popular chatting museum and it has introduced many exciting features since this week. The first feature is the feature in which the Picture is available, which has been tested for a long time, but now it For this feature, users will be able to see Facebook, Instagram or YouTube videos in the Chat window without leaving the Wats app. However, this feature is limited to Instagram, YouTube or Facebook videos, and does not support any other video sharing app.

The second feature that is quietly introduced in this app is quite good news for users using group messaging. In addition to this feature, they will be able to chat with private individuals on a private one-on-one, just click on a message for it and send a message by clicking the Hide Optional Privacy in the top dot above. Whatsapp has also updated group video calling on the other side. One of the first to call WP video calls is to make a video call and then it is added to the people. But now the Divine has been updated and can be talked to the group video call with 4 people at once. Whatsapp has added new call tabs for the purpose.

According to the FTP Bishkek Tech Corp., before using Group Call feature, a good Internet connection will be needed and Call Quality will depend on your friends’ internet connection. This update is currently introduced for iPhone users and will soon be available for Android devices too.


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