Is this Samsung first 5G Smartphone?

Is this Samsung first 5G Smartphone?

Pictures of Samsung’s first 5G Smartphone Beyond X-ray has been leaked. According to the American journal Forbes, the user’s leakers, users of lecturer of various smartphone companies, the presence of the flagship Galaxy S1 Bound X of Samsung Confirmation with pictures, features, and availability. Of course, it will be more powerful than the other 3 Galaxy S10s introduced on completion of Samsung S Series 10. Beyond X (code name) will be a great honor for Samsung The first thing is that this will be the first FYG and Samsung Galaxy S10 model will be given the next generation technology. This will be the first Samsung phone in which 6.7 inches display is being displayed. And yes, this is the first Samsung phone in which TOF Censors (Cameras) are going on front and backup .tf or time Off Flight Censors are used for Thy de Depthth mapping and are similar to the infrared dot technology that is using Apple’s IP-IS system. Q. Beeworthy X is currently only expected to introduce only South Korea and the United States.

If the Ice Track track track is seen, all these details may be correct and this phone should be introduced shortly after other S10. It is likely that the Galaxy S10 is likely to be introduced on the occasion of the Mobile World Congress in February, which will have 3 versions. In the four versions of 10, the 5.8-inch flat-screen phone will be relatively cheap in which the flag There are some features like Ship, but it will not be so good in the camera and other basic things.

Other than 2 expensive versions The display will be equipped with front and a single set of backs on the back, while the fingerprint sensor is also likely to be placed inside the screen 5G model will be with 6.7 inches screen and 4 back cameras. A version of the Galaxy S10 will be quite different from other smartphones in the world because it will provide 12 GB RAM and 1 TB (1GB GB) storage, but it is not clear which version it might be.


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