Knowing the details of the country’s most personal vehicles in the world, your eyes will open


In the world, most of the citizens in London (INP) in the world have vehicles in the US where 821 out of a thousand people have vehicles. The second number after New Zealand is 8,000 vehicles per thousand people. Europe is the first and in the world in the world as part of the island’s of 3 million, with a population of 3 million population, where a thousand citizens are 796 vehicles.

The small number of European countries is also flat on the fourth number. Out of 775 have vehicles. The foreign country of Luxembourg is fifth in the list where there are 745 vehicles per thousand. Strawlia is where 718 have vehicles from one thousand citizens.

Italy is ranked eighth in Top Tian countries, where a thousand civilians have 706 vehicles. 646 out of a thousand people in Canada have vehicles And he is ranked in number nine. Poland is fourth and globally in the EU with 628 vehicles per thousand population.


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