How to Make Easy Money : Newbies Guide

How to Make Easy Money
How to Make Easy Money

Looking for the best way to make easy money or you’re googling “How to Make Easy Money” so don’t forget to read this article. My name is Abrar Nadir and Today I’m going to show you the best way to make easy money. Let’s Get Started.

How is it Possible to Make Easy Money?

“Easy” doesn’t mean that you make money in next 10 seconds. You need to invest your time like 10 to 15 minutes but this method is best for everyone who want to make easy money online.

idea behind this?

The idea behind is “Affiliate Marketing” Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting someone’s products. Right! but don’t you think its difficult to convince someone for buying a product from your link? Yes! it is, It’s harsh truth so I’m here to show you one of my secret that How you will make easy money with Instagram Using CPA Networks.

Let me tell you the exact step by step methods from start to finish

Step 1 : Create an Instagram Account

Now surely you will create your Instagram personal brand account on your favorite niche but if you really want to make easy money so I highly recommended you to create an Instagram on this name “Clash of Clans Unlimited Coins

How to Make Easy Money

Look, this mate is using the same ninja technique to make easy money. He created an Instagram account and drop his link. Basically the link on his Bio are CPA Surveys link, if you going on this link and completing the surveys for gems/coins so the link owner will get paid.

A best part of this method is that you don’t need anyone to buy your product or something like that. All you need to do just drive the traffic on your link and when some one completed the surveys you will get paid.

Step 2 :  Finding the GOOD CPA Networks/Offers

Ogads is one of the best CPA Network for make easy money through this method but there’re also some super ninja hidden methods so now let me tell you how you will scratching those offers or networks for your next revenue.

1.Go to and write your game name “Clash of Clans” it will be any game like Fortnite or others.

Top ways to make money online and offline

Cool! I found the best offers/networks for promoting on my Instagram account. Now just click anyone of those and let’s see how much that offer paying you.

how to make easy money for online and ofline

Hurrah! I found this offer very interesting because I’ll earn 12$ on per lead. Lead means when someone clicks on that link and give his/her e-mail,number etc. I’ll earn 🙂

Step 3 : Getting your Unique Link

For grabbing your link you need to join this network by click on “Join Network” button.

How to Earn Easy Money

The interface of this network “ClickDealer” Looks good. Just fill the all information on that form by scroll down your cursor. Let me doing this..

Try to fill this form carefully, In the Specialization section just select the “Affiliate Network” then select your categories, I highly recommended you to select “Mobile Apps” When you’re going to work on games.

how to make easy money

Fill all the important sections on this form and confirm your e-mail. These information is really important because of the recent much scamming on CPA Networks.

How to Make Extra Easy Money

Good to go, After 3 business days you will be surely accepted for working on this network. Meanwhile you will join other networks like Ogads,AdworkMedia or others.

If you don’t know how to create an Instagram account so Click Here for learn more.

Final Words:

After created your account all you need to do just grab your affiliate link and put it on your bio-section. Remember! Username is much important because if you created an account on the name of the keyword phrase like “ClashofClansFreeGems” so more people are going to attracting on your name and more chances are increasing to yours CTR.

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