The Pakistani server, Mary Naseem, likewise reported to give cash in the Dam Fund


Melbourne: The gift to be set up by Chief Justice Pakistan Saqib Nisar keeps on being given by conspicuous individuals from the basic man, and now the Pakistani server,

Mr. Lafter Mary Naseem in Australia has likewise given cash to the Dam Fund. Has reported According to points of interest, as indicated by the subtle elements, Naseem said that different Pakistanis likewise advance to expand their cooperation in the mission.

In his announcement, Mary Naseem said that when she gets, she will give as much as Dam. It is troublesome for a few people to give a thousand dollars so every slave ought to give as much as he can. Maryam Naseem has engaged every one of the Pakistanis to assume her part in the National Mission. It is imperative that Mary Naseem Australia has won a silver award in the wicket-lifting experience.