More than 1 million pounds in Dam Fund has been deposited: Chief Justice Pakistan


Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar has said that more than 1 million Pounds were collected in the Dam Fund. According to details, the Chief Justice of Pakistan said that addressing the question, Pakistan’s Sikhs donated $ 50,000 from the dam to Dam funds, the four brothers agreed on Kalabagh Dam. No, in the morning, all four brothers will agree on the black garden. Mian Saqib Nisar further said that the concept does not even know that Dam Funded will be so impartial, lovingly indigenous Pakistani nation, whenever it comes to difficulties, the Overseas first helps Pakistan, the country-based People did not have this passion, Lahore was not so many spectators that would get so much attention. The Chief Justice said that Munshabam had criticized an Overseas Pakistani property, SSP said about the bombardment that he could not take action against them. I can not forget the self-determination of Somooto, but the society can be established by justice. Solve problems with people by taking excavations.

Estimation for Kalabagh Dam by Chief Justice

Justice Saqib Nisar said that the money received from the dam would be included in the Dam Fund, and no water supply could be made till date, the water level decreases in the water level, today the depth of water has been reached at 400 feet in Lahore. Indus Sindh is under the Indus Task Agreement. He said that there is no movement of human rights, the movement of humanity has become a matter of dynamism. There is no need to oppose the opponents of Pakistan. Dam fund is the trust of the nation, I will give it in safe hands. After financing at London, Manchester, Birmingham, the second event was held in London again, more than five British Pakistanis and other guests attended. The Chief Justice said that even how many hundred people were killed For the notice, the court fixed the value of the property for one lakh. A Pakistani woman was given Rs. 154 for a pension of 57. Because he had no money for bribes.


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