Nawaz Sharif Sentenced to 7 Years to Jail in Al Azizia Reference


2018 was a really heavy year for the Nawaz family, from the mid of this year he is continuously suffering from loses. Recently Lawyer of Nawaz Sharif took bail from the court for his previous cases but again he was sentenced in the Al-Azizia Reference.

Today accountability court (NAB) sentenced Former PM to seven years in al azizia case towards the Adiala jail where he has been already passed some months. Along with Jail punishment he is incapable for any of National seat.

Both the sons of former PM Hassan & Hussain Nawaz also have allegations on them and accused in three corruption cases of PANAMA Papers while his daughter Maryam and son in Law Safder accused only in one corruption case. On which Maryam Nawaz Safder Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif sentenced to jail but later got bails.

But there are lot of allegations and cases on Nawaz Sharif and on his family for ehich they are answerable to the whole nation


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