Nepotism – A Comprehensive Guide You Need to Know



As the term itself suggests “Nepotism“. A phenomenon, a process a world govern by the elite bureaucracy of a mindset just giving the opportunities to the ones related to them.

Talent in its fines form comes from within self. It cannot be taught or learnt but today, in this era of technology or I would like to say a global village, talent is being hindered by the forces who have had won their place both monetarily or popularity.

Nepotism : Deepika Padukone

We see Children of Bollywood having great debuts in high budget projects, photo shooted by the most prestigious cameramen and we can see them on the covers of international magazines.

Let me give you an example, it took about seven years for Deepika Padukone to be an cover of vogue but Suhana Khan Daughter if King Khan is already in the list of most beautiful forces and appeared on “Vogue” in 2017.

Nepotism is like a cancer. It has embedded its rools in the heart of industry.Voices against it are uprooted and the aristorcrites tru to nip these voices in the bud. It is making its branches vast and it is the really hampering the read talent.

Nepotism is not mere in the industry of show business we can see various incidents if prenoting one’s own families and friends and the people of their interests.

We need to focus on the individualization rather than communism. Individualism does not mean “anti-social” but It refers to a broader image of thinking beyond the reference and families and to focus on the individualized traits like intelligence,loyalty,empathy and one’s town talent.

Many activists are working to eradicate this culture of nepotism and power on the hands of any some people. We can see “Emma Watson,Kangana and many other celebrities who are true flag bearer of equality for all and making opportunities for the one’s who doesn’t belong to that specific failed of discipline.

Final Words : Nepotism

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