New Zealand needed 197 runs to avoid England’s defeat


New Zealand needs 197 runs to avoid England’s defeat, In Abu Dhabi Test, Kawey needs 197 runs to avoid an innings defeat while eight wickets are left. According to details, the last day Pakistan and New Zealand Kyle scored 131 runs for two wickets following the second innings of the second Test between Kirwin, and New Zealand needed more 197 runs, while eight wickets left. In reply to 418 runs in the first innings of the day, New Zealand’s entire team scored only 90 runs. New Zealand scored 24 for the first time in his innings. Opening batsmen scored 50 runs for the first time, but Yasir Shah bowled first opener winner Rawul for 31 runs and then sent Pellin to the next over the batting line of the team. After breaking the day, Yasir Shah also finished 4 more players, while Hassan Ali also performed a pavilion for one player. Neighborhood 6-in-the-five-matches got out without opening the account.

Pakistan beat the guest team after 90 runs in the first innings of 90 runs. Pakistan made innings after making Pakistan 418 runs on 5 wickets, the middle-order batsman Harris Sohail tested by the national team. The second innings of the career was while Bob scored the career of the first innings. Harris Sohail Career got the best score 147 runs when Bob scored out on 127 for the first time. Pakistan had decided to win the toss against New Zealand before it, but the oping batsman would not retire for a long time, Al-Haq and Mohammad Hafeez scored nine, 9 runs. Later Azhar Ali took out 81 runs in an innings.


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