Now The Dollar is More Expensive


The dollar has been rising in dollar value. The dollar has become expensive once again. According to media reports, the dollar has once again increased by 40 paise. 40 rupees in dollar open market 20 money is being sold. This morning, the dollar remained constant in Inter Bank and its transaction remained at Rs. 138 rupees upto 90 paise.
Today, the fall of 30 rupees in the open currency market declined by 138 rupees to Rs. 138. Earlier, a report was told that a meeting of Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan met a delegation of traders in Karachi, On the expectations of subsequent positive measures, the sharp wave of rapid growth in Pakistan’s stock exchange came.

The KSE 100 index increased by more than 600 points, resulting in the index reaching a psychiatric level of 39 thousand points.

However, according to the latest information, the value of the dollar has increased further. The dollar’s price increased due to the continuous increase in the day, causing the public to worry. The dollar’s increase in inflation was also anxiety that caused the public to disturb the people. At the beginning of the business week, the value of rupees in the Inter Bank market was seen up to three rupees five rupees.
The dollar was sold at Rs 37. There was a record increase of rupees in value of rupees in respect of banks. In the interbank, the dollar was seen at Rs.18 billion in Interbank. According to the sources, the rupee value dropped due to the value of rupees, due to the value of rupees, the debt increased by Rs 760 billion. If the value of the group declined, all foreign currency At the highest level of history, hence the inflation increased by the end of November.


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