Pakistan Doesn’t Want Kashmir : Shahid Afridi Shocking Statement

If we do not have 4 provinces, Kashmir does not want Pakistan, Afridi's statement has taken place.

Pakistan Doesn’t Want Kashmir

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has retired from the Pakistan team, but He lived in the media due to his statements and criticized him on the matter of Kashmir issue last year. is going. Former captain Shahid Khan Afridi said that “Pakistan does not want Kashmir, we should not handle our 4 provinces”, after being realized as a mistake, he had to issue a descriptive statement. According to details, Shahid Afridi’s interview in London A video on social media is going viral about Kashmir, He is saying that the world has made it a problem, although it is not a problem, I say Kashmir does not want India to give India, but it is a country The humanity is living, humanity is a great thing, but it is difficult to die, if it dies. You do not have to handle four provinces.

Pakistan Doesn’t Want Kashmir : Another Statement

After this, Shahid Afridi made a statement by releasing his statement and said that my interview and video clip was presented from context. The next captain wrote on Twitter that my statement was presented incorrectly, I am emotional for the country and respect the Kashmiri struggle. Humanity and the Kashmiris should get their right.

Afridi, a city-based city, named Boom Boom, wrote in another Twenty-two video clip on the media that is incomplete and is missing from context, I have already said that my statement is breaking out. Kashmir’s is being run, Kashmir is a controversial issue on which India is a criminal occupation. Former All-Observer wrote that Kashmir should be resolved according to UN resolutions, all Pakistani freedom including me support  Kashmir struggle and Kashmir is from Pakistan.







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