Paper-like TV


Would you like to buy TV screens that can be folded like a newspaper instead of folding a bag and putting it in the pocket anywhere? If yes, then LG’s rollable LED screen is somewhat unanswered.

In fact, the South Korean company had presented its congressive design in 2016 and will be presented for sale in general in 2019.

During the release of CES released in Las Vegas, LG introduced its commercially-built 4 LED TV, named as “Signature & LED TV“.

This year, it will be offered for sale in spring this year, which is similar to the design prototype model, but LG has added twenty stations and one hundredworld Dolby Atomic Speaker.

When consumers want to watch TV, it will come in front of them and when they do not want it will disappear.

When TV is to disappear, it will slowly move into the base, by pressing a button, while pressing the same button in 10 seconds.

Just now it will not be possible to turn it like a paper that appeared in prototype models.

It has a line mode in which the display will bend down to see only one quarter of the panel.

The image quality will not be affected if LL is rolled out, whereas it has been given Google Assistant and LG GG Web Operating System software.

The price of this TV was not announced by LG, but its wallpaper LED TV is $ 8,000, so it will definitely be more expensive.


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