Please Try to Use Unique Passwords instead of Similar Number Passwords on Social Media Accounts


At present, more than 50% of the world’s population is using the Internet and it means that they will also use passwords for email, social media accounts, or others, and do not Ahave to say that weak passwords have dreamed dreams. It may be proven. Do you think your password can prevent hackers from getting caught or not? So, first of all, know that a hacker tries to try the first word to estimate an Internet user’s password. Every year, the Password Management Company, set up a list of 25 worst passwords based on data from 50 million passwords written in 2018, and the first number is the name of the 123456 as usual. If this is your favorite password then sorry, you will have to say that it is honoring the worst password every year since 2011. Similarly, the second number has also maintained its location for years.

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Last year, the password was 123456789 on the sixth list in the list, jumping to the third position, while standing at a level 12345678 from one level to another. At this time, some new words also become part of the list in which Donald is featured that seems to be the effect of the American President. Prices, Sun shines and # $% ^ & * are also the first time to be part of the list. According to the company, a strong password should contain at least 12 letters, which should be used in letters from all the litterers and must have separate passwords for each accuracy.

According to the company, look at a list of the most used passwords in 2018, it would be hard to pause our head with us sadly. Experts have advised people to choose different and difficult passwords for each account. The person’s list of easily accessed hackers in this time list also shows that they choose passwords without understanding it, which you will see below. The whole list is here.


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