How to Search Popular YouTube Tags

How to Search and Find Popular YouTube Tags

Tags plays the important tole to rank your YouTube Videos. The more good tags you have chances are high you will get lots of views on your particular keyword But Do you Wondering? What’s the actual way to search Popular YouTube Tags according to your Specific Keyword?.

Hey, My name is Abrar Nadir and In this Article I’m going to show you about Popular YouTube Tags.

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What is Tags?

Tags are the keywords which help the users to find your videos on your keywords. Suppose you created a video on that keyword “How to Make Money” now if you have good tags on your video so you will get more engagement,views and revenues.

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#1 How to Find Tags Using YouTube Suggestion Tool

Head over to and write your video topic. Example, As I write “YouTube SEO” which is my main subject of the video but when you Hit the Space Button from your Keyboard you will see the all Tags Suggestions on your particular keyword.

Remember! These all tags are only searches from my country “Pakistan” If you wanna target other countries so you maybe use VPN or ask your friend for giving your tags.

How to Copy that Phrases?

It’s know it’s hard to write down tags one by one so let me share with you quick tip with you.

Just select the last option from YouTube Auto Suggest Tool called “Report Search Predictions” and Now you will able to copy all the tags automatically. How’s that Let me know in comments section.

#2 How to Find Popular YouTube Tags Using Vidiq Extension

The best feature of the Vidiq Extension that they spying on other competitor keywords/tags whatever you’re saying. So let me show you How to Use Vidiq for Finding Popular YouTube Tags.

  1. Install the Vidiq Chrome Extension
  2. Authenticate your YouTube Channel with Vidiq
  3. Follow me

Head over to and search your main subject like ”Video SEO”

Then Open your Competitor Videos in the New Tabs Section and after that just follow the given screenshot.

Here you need to Click on “Show Search Rankings” and after that you will see all the Tags for your video. Just Copy Relevant Tags and Paste it on your Video.

Additional Tip :

I highly suggest you to click on first 10 videos and matching their tags. If they ranked so chances are also high you will also as well.

Branding Tags:

Don’t missed the Branding Tags. Branding Tags are those tags that helps the visitors to know about you. I mean Your Name and your channel name are the main brand tags of your channel.

Final Words:

That’s it for Today, Hope you like this post let me know in comments section and I’ll meet you with the next one.



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