Prime Minister Imran Khan likely to visit Qatar this month


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Qatar is expected to be scheduled this month. According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan will likely visit Qatar Qatar this month, where he will meet rich diameter and other rival officials. Prime Minister Imran Khan will also discuss cooperation in Qatar and other fields between Pakistan, while the Queue investors will invite Pakistan to invest in Pakistan.

It is clear that Prime Minister Imran Khan has visited Saudi Arabia, once again in the first 110 days of his rule, Malaysia, once again in the United Arab Emirates and once again, all the visits of Prime Minister Imran Khan were successful. During his visit to Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan talked about investing in Pakistan and increasing cooperation in many areas of Pakistan.

During the visit of Saudi Arabia, many three-year-old agreements were made between the two countries. Saudi Arabia also decided to hold $ 3 billion in Pakistan’s accounts, which followed the falling economy of Pakistan. During the period, China’s 15 agreements and memorandum of understanding signed between China and China. However, Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit Qatar this month, where Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet to discuss cooperation in various sectors between the two countries while inviting Queue investors to come into Pakistan by investing in Pakistan this month. It will give more foreign investment in the country as well as improve the domestic economy, l during the visit, the possibility of having a deal between different countries between Pakistan and Qatar.


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