PTA to stop unwarranted promotional calls and messages


The Lahore High Court has directed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to stop unwarranted promotional calls and text messages as a result of a petition filed by a citizen.

Justice Shahid Jamil had called upon Muhammad Shafique, Communication Director of PTA. On being asked why PTA is not taking any action against these spam messages. Shafique mentioned that no proper mechanism exists to stop these unwarranted messages.

But Shahid Jamil pointed out that if such messages can not be stopped, an action can be taken against numbers spreading these promotional messages. He mentioned that PTA is a regulatory body and should be able to take such actions against spam.

The case will be heard on 19th July again and PTA Chairman might be called upon if PTA doesn’t take satisfactory action against these complaints.

With the advent of text messages on WhatsApp, Messenger and other social apps, the traditional inbox, driven by text messages, has become dormant occasionally flooded by promotional messages from local brands in Pakistan. These mobile phone numbers are being sold on Facebook Groups and OLX like platforms for a mere 100 rupees, whereas, some text marketing firms are charging a meager 100 to 200 rupees for promotional messages to databases spanning over 10,000 numbers easily.


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