Role of Confidence in Personality Development


What is personality?

Personality, this term refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. We cannot describe someone’s personality with our own perspective. It is a complete set of skills both intrinsic and extrinsic. A pattern of behaviors that define us who we are as an individual. Our thinking is the force behind what we are becoming. And that thinking comes from both our environmental factors and from what we think ourselves in future, you may say our aspirationsDevelopment of personality is much important in personality Facts.

Confidence :

A feeling of security, believing in one’s self is confidence. It is the major driving force behind every achievement. Confidence is the power that makes us ready for unforeseen circumstances.

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How confidence helps in personality development :

  • Confidence enables us to think positively.
  • Confidence reduces anxiety attacks or panicking.
  • confidence makes us look different than others in a good way.
  • confidence helps in self-learning.
  • confidence enables us to question our abilities and potentials.
  • Confidence boosts our self-esteem.
  • Confidence improves our productivity.
  • Confidence makes one more self-dependent.
  • Confidence prepares to face challenges.
  • Confidence makes us look forward to opportunities.
  • Confidence makes us look more charming.

In short, confidence is the key towards a better and more composed personality. We cannot deny other aspects like the way of speaking, body language, postures and gestures, eye contact and listening skills and many more. To build confidence and its easy steps, tune in for our next post.



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