Seven ministers on differences with government policies


London, The United Kingdom, and the United Nations have signed a Brussels agreement, the UK has been separated from Europe, the government’s decision has deteriorated in ruling party, a few members had announced to vote against the Brotherhood British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson says that the United Kingdom will become the colonies of Europe, after long negotiations, the UK and the European Union have reached a technical level on the draft agreement, the British Prime Minister met the cabinet meeting. Asked today, a few members of the ruling party will vote against Brigade Dale.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson It is said that after the agreement, the UK status will be the case of a European Union. This cannot be fooled by this drama, the UK will be part of the European Customs Union, and it will continue to regulate the Regulatory Control of Brussels. The British ambassador in the World Trade Organization or WTO has said that the fact is being revealed that the UK can leave the EU without a regular agreement of the breakout. Seven ministers have resigned on the decision of the British prime minister, These ministers differ from the Brief Treaty, including the Minister of State for resignation. The Prime Minister of the United States Jacob Claus Mig claimed that the movement of the non-confidence movement against the British Prime Minister Thessalonica and Boris Johnson became a new leader for parliament. The holiday of Prime Minister is not a matter of months but days.


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