Shahid Afridi became a taxi driver in Dubai


A video of Pakistani star cricketer Shahid Afridi is wrecked on social media, in which he is a Dubai taxi driver. According to Gulf Times reports, Pakistan starred Shahid Afridi’s surprise when he saw his hero working uniformly in various workers, Afridi, who represented Pakistan in 380 matches in one-day cricket by Pakistan. And scoring more than 8000 runs, in their viral video, the appearance of Dubai Taxi driver, doctor, site worker and the uniform office of an office worker. Ukhano ( Umer Khan ) is one of the Best Vlogger of Pakistan who Hosting and Working with Shahid Afridi on This project at Dubai. People can see Shahid Afridi through his Vlog.

Remember that the video is made in Dubai, which at the end Afridi said in front of the camera, “Surely you guys will be surprised …… but I’ll tell you the truth later.” Pakistani veteran Umar Khan, who was part of this campaign with Afridi, shared a picture with Afridi on his social networking website.


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