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Short Courses and Programs in Pakistan

There is a major difference between a short course/diploma and a degree. Basically short courses or diplomas cover a specific study field and the institutes normally cover these courses and diplomas in shorter period of time as compared to the proper degrees.

There are large numbers of educational institutes in Pakistan which are offering short courses and diplomas for the students.

The selection of the short course and a diploma completely relies on the choice of student.

Normally the students prefer to get admissions in those short courses or diplomas which prove beneficial for them in their professional life.   

Some famous short courses offering by the educational institutes if Pakistan incudes: computer networking, disaster management, information technology, hotel management, HRM, international relations, accounting and finance, telecommunications, web management and web designing, broadcasting, accounts management, web development and many others.

The admission criteria set by the educational institutes for all the courses is almost different from one another.

Students who wish to get admission in any short course offered by well-known educational institute are required to go through this guide. As here we have provided all the data relevant to the short courses and programs in Pakistan along with universities and colleges list

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