If you are desirous to designing, planning, dealing with, constructing or maintaining the structures where we live, work or we play, then the Architecture and Construction field is best for you.  

This field is furthermore divided into sub categories which include, construction, design and pre-construction, maintenance and setup or functions.

The aspirants who choose to study architecture and construction learn and practice the abilities that train them for numerous post-high school education as well as training chances, from internships and 2 years degree programs to 4 years degree programs.

After studying various architecture courses and programs in Pakistan and pursuing degree in the respective field of study you will be able to choose the following options as your designation in your permanent career.

o   Architectural and civil drafter or engineer

o   Electrician

o   Ecological designer

o   Domestic or commercial carpenter

o   Building worker

o   Systems formation manager

o   Electrical design engineer

o   HVAC/HVACR technician

o   Painter

Here on this page we have discussed in detail the architecture and construction courses and programs in Pakistan offered by well-known educational institutes. All education institutes whether government or private are offering admissions in the above mentioned courses at graduate and postgraduate level. Furthermore, the student would be capable of learning this program as a major at a post graduate level.

Here we have provided the details of almost all courses and programs offered in Pakistan by universities. You can view the complete compete list of colleges and universities in Pakistan here.

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Ned University Of Engineering & Technology Karachi

  • Bachelor Architecture
  • PhD Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • Master Computer Architecture & Systems Design


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Dawood University Of Engineering & Technology Karachi

  • Bachelor of Architecture & Planning
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Govt. College For Boys Gulberg, Lahore

  • Certificate in Auto Cad


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Punjab Tianjin University of Technology (PTUT) Lahore

  • BSc Architecture Technology
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University of Engineering and Technology UET Lahore

  • Msc Building & Architectural
  • PhD Architecture
  • BSc Architecture Engineering
  • Masters Degree in Architecture
  • BSc Building & Architectural Engineering


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Lahore College For Women University (Lcwu) Lahore

  • BS Architecture
  • Bachelor of Architecture


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