Solar Power Smart Watts, which can not be stolen due to tracker


A lot of people will pass through a painful experience of the mobile chest, and usually, the rifles also carry the wallet with the mobile, which also lose financial loss as well as valuable cards etc. However, in the world of technology, the wallet has also been modernized, experts have developed wallets that cannot be stolen, which tracker system is installed and people can easily track it.

A Dutch company has developed a third generation wallet you can pursue, it has control over the owner and smart card mechanism. This leather wallet thickness is just 0.38 cm, a tracking card has also been installed inside the GPS system.

In this modern wallet, 12 cards can be placed, six of which are out of the cards by pressing the buttons on one side, without opening the wallet.

The tracking card in the wallet works through solar power, charging it for 3 hours in sunlight will be used for two months and through the tracker the wallet can be tracked around the world.


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