Some of the best features of the Whatsapp coming in 2018


The Wats app is the world’s most popular messaging application, which has exceeded the number of users over the past two billion years. Many new features are introduced in this app every year, and in 2018 the same has increased. Some of these features other They were more prominent than they were and they were the focus of consumers throughout the year. So let’s know who has some of the best or featured features of the Whatsapp in 2018. It’s not OK to say Whatsapp Forward Lots Feature, but it’s a fiercely fake rumor in India. Whatsapp limited the frontline limit to the first 20 and then 5, after the riots, a user sent a text message Egypt, image or video can be forwarded to only 5 contacts at a time. Forward Labelists app started using labels to identify forward forward forward messages by users in 2018 so that people can not message your friend’s message but he has sent someone else’s message to you.

This company will help prevent the spread of rumor from this feature. The Pokemon link identification app introduced another feature Suspicious Link Detection to prevent fake news from spreading, warning users to such links. Which may possibly lead to a fake website.

Whatsapp stickers have been introduced some time ago, in which consumers can customize their stickers themselves. For PIP Modendide and IOS users, under which videos of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos of the Wats app It can be played inside a small bubble inside, it is possible to make the video fullscreen or pots with this bubble, before people had to go to the same platform for other application videos. The audio and video group The Wats app has introduced NN after long waiting, according to the company, these calls are and to and encoded A 4-day audio or video call can be made at a time.


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