Some Secret Apps are found which people can spy their infidelity


New York Hackers used hackers to use computers to hack computers and mobile phones, but now apps have been used by anyone who can spy anyone using their own Google and Apple Spy applications are supporting their developers to sell applications. According to Mail Online, these applications are available on Apple App Store and Google Apps Store, whereas anyone can buy them for minor money and hack people’s phones by listening to their calls, their messages can read, Snap Chat and Wats app can also look at applications, even their targeting can be detected. One of these applications is mSpy whose annual fee is only 149.99 pounds (approximately 26 thousand rupees).

It and other similar applications are installed in the phone of the people who are intended to monitor. These applications of icons are disappeared after the phone is installed and this person does not know if any spy application has been installed in his phone.

Their developers claim that it is made for parents so that they can monitor their children, but the investigation has found that these applications are being misused. More deadly people are using them for spying of their husbands or wives, who suspect that they are inexperienced with someone else. “I was suspicious of my girlfriend,” a man using MSpy said. I installed this application on the phone and received it via SMS,  Watsapp messages and all other types of messaging received me on my phone. Even by this app I got the wats app messages from my girlfriend that he had delivered from my phone. “Another such application is on the Google play store called ‘Remote Spy’ (Remote Spy) and its monthly fee is £ 20 (Rs 3500).


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