The appearance of a phone with in-screen selfie camera in the wild


The mobile manufacturer Huawei teased the self-iteration of the Infinity-O screens. This is being planned to be launched in the year 2019 by Samsung, one of the leading mobile manufacturing companies throughout the world. The implementation will be in the form of a tucked into a cutout for the screen with a selfie camera. In the recent day, a similar image of the same device popped up in the hands of a person in China who was passing through one of the subway carriages.

On seeing inside the image captured of this man with the similar gadget in his hand, it can be seen that the lens of the camera is located on the upper side of the phone on the top left side where the notifications usually appear on the screen. There can be no notches seen on top of the screen. This can be possible because of the unavailability or hidden features of some of the features in the pre-production body of the gadget. The camera appeared to be sore and not captured well in the image. People have to wait until a more precise form of another future image appears.

Related image

In case the make of the phone seen in the image is Huawei, and the person seen with the phone is one of the employees in the same firm of the Chinese manufacturer, it can be relaxing for many to see the 3.5 mm jack still existing in the mobile. As per the latest information from some of the reliable sources, there are claims made regarding the Huawei nova 4 which is predicted that the new iteration of all the series of the smartphones from the manufacturers will usually be launched in December this year.


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