The biggest shock ever happened to the Huawei! Trump finals secret order


China’s them companies have seen theHuawie blowing and ZTE, because the US President Donald Trump has prohibited US government institutions from using these products and they, are promptly able to implement the aggregate order. Can also issue. Wall Street General reported this news in May but now the Reuters conferred that the Aggregate Order may continue in January, this order will be enforced after the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which will be an external Security is brought in due to security risk.

The United States has already refused to participate in Chinese bidding companies and ZTE co-operative contractors, and following the United States, England, Australia, Canada, and Japan have also imposed such restrictions on these companies. Trump made a bill in August in August, a part of Defense Athletic Act, under which American companies will not be able to use hardware devices of Chinese telecommunications companies, and small companies were told that they Change your subscription to a subsidiary.


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