The British Journal report raises billions of dollars to Pakistan, Pakistan condemns opposition parties


Islamabad (SNP), China decided to give $ 2 billion to keep the depreciation of Pakistan’s deposited reserves, the fall of the rupee will help in improving Pakistan’s economic condition. On Tuesday, the UK Journal report “Financial Times” has said China has decided to give $ 2 billion to Pakistan, which will help prevent foreign exchange dropping deposits and improve the value of rupees, China In such a time, Pakistan has decided to give this money when the new government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan is struggling to improve the weak economy, a Pakistani government official said while talking to the newspaper.

China’s decision to give money is a sign of the fact that China’s friendly country Pakistan suffers from any kind of economic crisis Will not let it go. The report did not include any Chinese official’s position, financial assistance from China shows wide economic ties between the two countries, while on the other hand, Pakistan IMF will get 7-8 billion rupees of the financial package.

Is. The report further added that China did not announce financial assistance to Pakistan because the US should not hesitate to pay attention to this financial package between the two countries.


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