The contract of iPhone is going to end?


Apple’s smartphones have gained worldwide and their sales record break, but a decade later, the company seems to have sharpened the world’s most popular mobile phone fall faster. Yes, in 2007 The iPhone was introduced for the first time, but the three iPhones offered this year seem to be the focus of consumers, due to which the company has decided to reduce their production. Apple introduced this year in September this year, but its demand for consumers has been much less than expected. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s new iPhone phones have witnessed a significant decline in which the company’s revenue has also affected.

Apple investors who had been shocking when the company had announced Sales of devices on the Christmas day will be less than expected expectations. Apple’s biggest problem facing Apple has been in the cheapest iPhone X sales, with which the company had asked the company to reduce production a quarter and last A week ago, it was announced that the sale of iPhones XX and XP will be sold. In September while the XR is sold for sale in October. Apple was currently not offering any response to this report. In the beginning of this month, Apple announced that it will no longer display the sales figures of iPhones. The company is facing difficulty in sales of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone X.


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