The court rejected Amar Liaqat’s apology


ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court dismissed Amar Liaqat Hussain’s apology in contempt of contempt case. The media reports have been informed that the Supreme Court has asked the National Assembly Amir Liaqat Hussain to insult insulting. Sorry sorry

During the hearing, the Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar remarked that Amir Liaqat would not ask for forgiveness. I am not in accordance with the law of paragraph law. Currently, the apology will not be accepted by the person.

Have fun, insult first and then apologize.

Do not sit in court for making Tarmal .. Kharr Liaqat demanded forgiveness, but Amir Liaqat did not ask for forgiveness anywhere in the written reply. When Justice Ejaz al-Ahsan said that Amir Liaqat has left himself on the mercy of the court. If the contempt of court is proved, Amir Liaqat will be disqualified. The court issued a notice to Amir Khan Liaqat to discuss the matter with respect.

On the request filed against the hate TV, the Supreme Court issued a contempt of apology for the contempt of court notice issued. The court issued a notice of contempt of honor to Amir Liaqat in the hands of the hate TV, and Amir Liaqat has said in court that he apologizes for an unconscious court, leaving himself on the mercy of the court. I am

In the apology letter of 7 pages, Amir Liaqat’s apology has been said that I did not use the phrase “India of India” and “Sain of India” for any Pakistani, this term used for anchor of Indian media, which has contributed to my role. The apology has been said that my program’s clips were removed from contextually and no exception was left to humiliate me on joining the Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) .. Khalid Liaqat had requested the court that Be aware of the elements playing with respect because I am also the citizen of this country and a common human. Aamir Liaqat’s apology was not accepted and ordered the person to be indicted till September 27 against Amir Liaqat.


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