The easiest way to avoid it before getting influenza and cold


Winter arrives, but say that if there is cold diamonds in different areas, it will not be wrong, but where the cold comes with Hussein’s season and pleasant evening, the nerves, the chances of cardiovascular diseases also become normal, but today we Will tell you the recipe that you can do with a healthy heart. Vegetable and cold comes with a change in the weather, but the best way to keep yourself safe is to stop it where it starts There was a wind and there are 5 ways you can stop it by following it. Get the potamonte in the test. Those

People lack vitamins D, they have high blood pressure. There is a point in mind that what is associated with the intake of vitamin D is to tell you the system of fighting vitamin D infection. I help and you can get plenty of food from your diet, but for this you should first approach your doctor and take the right diet. Keep hands and face cleaned Do not worry but you touch your face several times and in a research in 2016, it came to pass that a person was average Everything touches your face 16 times every hour. In this hour, we do a lot of things and touch different things with our hands, by which our virus first touches our hands and then touching face or mouth So, we should not only be careful about it, but we should also avoid getting rid of people. So hands should be properly cleaned and wash hands up to at least 20 seconds and if the hands are not able to cheat Save your mobile with a surgery.Just a minute you think you can store your cell phone in the bathroom. Where does the kitchen work, work desk, car dashboard, restaurant table and address do not exist. According to a research from University of Arizona, in this respect, 10 mobile phones were more bacterial than the toilet set on your mobile phone. Whenever we take our mobile phones in some place, it increases the number of sins in the body. Another reason for living and living is due to lack of zinc in the body, so body I greatly reduce the amount of zinc to increase the number of viruses. Therefore, if you ever face any kind of complaint, you are suffering from illness.

Along with zinc tablets, which can help reduce its duration and severity. You can also adopt this method to protect the use of probiotics from high temperatures and eating healthy foods. Can save For that, good bacterial energy in your proteinic nutrition enhances your strength, and you are immersed in good temperatures. According to a research published in the Journal of Medicine and Medicine, a Rugby player uses a probiotic supplement. The symptoms of excessive cholera and stomach infection are less noticeable, while the number of people who do not have proteiotics is high. It does not mean that those who take proteiotics do not have high temperatures, and their symptoms decrease in such Compared to people who do not use probiotics If you want to avoid chances, follow the precautions mentioned above, but please refer to your physician before taking any spare-mantles or medicines.


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