The expansion of the Indian Government’s face, the threat of a large Hindu Muslim encounter in Ayodhya


In the wake of the Indian government, Hindu extremists started flaming their workers to build Ram Temple in place of Babri Masjid. Sure read extremists, Shiv Sena and Vishwa Hindu Prasad, who gathered in Ayodhya, gathered rallies, causing stress to increase there, due to the rally of Hindu extremists, there was an atmosphere of fear in Ayodhya and control the situation. Police and paramilitary forces were deployed for the police.

Shiv Sena’s head, Uttu Thackeray, said that even one inch of Ram Temple would not give anyone, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized the opposition on the obstacle to building the temple in Ayodhya, saying that Congress is making politics on Ayodhya Yes, Congress wants to use AIDS case for 2019 elections. Sixty years ago, similar to Hindu extremists gathered in Ayodhya from India throughout 1992 and martyred Memorandum Babri Masjid of the sixteenth century on December 6 in the presence of thousands of security personnel. Must read: ANF’s main action, the traffickers of drug smugglers have been caught, that Pakistan has always made efforts for peace, recently announced the opening of the Kartarpur border for the Indian Sikh community.


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