The phones that will disappear from Whatsapp Support on 1st January


If you use the Whatsapp, know that millions of users around the world will lose access to this app since January 1. Yes, the Wats app will no longer be able to work in multiple phones in which the Nokia S 40 platform Has been given, because the world’s most popular messenger has decided to end support for such devices. However, it was done in reference to it. According to the States app, Nokia S40 platforms from December 31, 2018, This chat service will stop working in the user devices. In 2016, Whatsapp said in his statement that although these mobile devices are an important part of our success, these phones do not have the capabilities that can expand our app features in the future.

The States app used to use these phones The users should move to new devices before the end of the year. According to this, this decision was very difficult for us, but it was necessary for people to provide facilities for their friends with contacts.

The company said this decision further added Security tools and new features will be added. The First Whatsapp features Nokia S40 support in June 2018. Was announced, but it was delayed till December 31. The States appended December 31, 2017, with the help of Blackberry Operating System, BlackBerry 10 and Windows 8.0 and Whatsapp in earlier devices. Was done Whatsapp’s Messaging feature official introduces Nokia 206 Single SIM, Nokia 206 Dual SIM, Nokia 208, Nokia 301 Single SIM, Nokia 301 Dual SIM, Nokia 515, Nokia Aasha 201, Nokia Aasha 205, Nokia Aasha 210 in Nokia S40 series. Nokia Aasha 230 Single and Dual SIM, Nokia Aasha 300, Nokia Aasha 302, Nokia Aasha 303, Nokia Aasha 305, Nokia Aasha 306, Nokia Aasha 308, Nokia Aasha 309, Nokia Aasha 310, Nokia Aasha 311, Nokia Aasha 500, Nokia Aasha 501, Nokia Aasha 502, Nokia Aasha 503, Nokia C3-00, Nokia C3-01, Nokia X2-00, Nokia X2-01, Nokia X3-02 and Nokia X3-02.5 are included.

The number of users using all devices is millions I am and they will surely be affected by that decision. This support will be terminated by Whatsapp on the Android version 2.3.7 and earlier phone on February 1, 2020. Similarly, support on iPhone TGS or IOS 6 devices ended February 1, 2020. Will be done


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