The pictures of the three models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 appeared


Samsung’s new flagship phone Galaxy 10 is going to introduce in the next few weeks and it is estimated that it will be different from the other devices of the South Korean company in terms of features. So far its different models The clear picture was not revealed. But now the famous Twitter users leaking information about smartphone companies, has been photographed by Galaxy S10. Galaxy S10’s pictures are missing.

This is not a single cell phone, but if the images are real images. So these new phones will definitely be shocking. Finally, last month, I claimed that 3 S10 phones from Samsung It is working on the preparation of its display size from 5.8 inches to 6.4 inches. Evan Blossoms have already posted real pictures of the phones of different companies in the past, and shared the photos of the three phones regarding S10.

The pictures of the three models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 appeared
The pictures of the three models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 appeared

Models And Compare with iPhone Latest Models

These three models will be named S10 Light, S10 and S10 Plus, and their display will be 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.4 inches respectively. The obvious thing is that the iPhone XS, iPhone X The same as the R and iPhone XS Max, it’s just a slight difference and that the 10-inch 6.5-inch iPhone X-Max is smaller than 0.4 inches. On the other hand, the Ice Icon has shared photos of S10 light. Instead of S 9 Plus, this phone looks like a dual camera set like Note 8 and Note 9, while it is believed that the screen will be flat instead of Kham Ajaj. It will be the first time the flagship S series from Samsung The phone is being introduced without hazardous tools. Similarly, the power button will also work as fingerprints censorship and it will also be the first time in the flagship phone of Samsung. It is also likely that the Galaxy S10 In a model, the fingerprint will be installed inside the sensor display. The most powerful processor from Samuel, possibly possibly the Kulakum Snap Dragone 855, Neurole Prison G unit and better cameras will be given better than ever, however there will be processor mid-s in S10 light while some features will also be reduced. A 10GG version of S10 is also expected to be introduced by 12 Gb Rim. And will also be the world’s first smartphone with 1 TB storage, while 2 cameras will be rendered on front and 4 cameras. Similarly, three cameras set up in S10 Plus can be set up by Sam.

Galaxy S10 models can be introduced at the launch of the Mobile World Congress at the beginning of next year.


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