The proposition to make the joint European armed force of the French President is offended, Trump


US President Donald Trump says French President Amin Micron’s mortifying proposition to assemble a joint European military, said that Europe ought to have its first offer in NATO’s cost. US President Donald Trump has touched base in France to go to the 100-year-old festivals of the First World War where he will converse with French President on ends of the week. The French President proposed to make a European Army shield from the US, China, and Russia, which the US President depicted as annoying. Trump said in a tweet on Paris’ entry that Europe should initially make its own commitment to NATO’s costs since NATO is paying a ton of NATO costs.

Unmistakably 100-year-old occasions of war in France will be hung on Sunday. Previously, on 11 November 1918, there was a tried understanding between the sides of the war, which brought about the finish of this war. Amid the service held in Paris, many worldwide prisoners will be gone to by Russian President. President Trump Blood will likewise go on the event, where 1800 American troopers were executed in the US military assault on June 26, 1918, after which America had vanquished it.


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