The Reason of Introducing New Keyboard by Google


The computer keyboard can make you slow, facing the same problem, Google has changed the shape of ‘Keyboard Keys’, the world’s leading technology company. This change is probably on the hope that users who can now be lazy, but how far it will be useful, it will be time consumed as well. According to a research by Google, The use of cows becomes slow and Google has been able to realize the keyboards of the Keyboard Cage.

The Reason of Introducing New Keyboard by Google

The Google representative said that his design team had a lot of tries on various types of boards, he was speculated during the trials that typing round keys instead of square kicks improved typing. The Google representative further said that the possibility of typing mistakes from Goose also dropped, due to which the Google Representative told that the corner of the Chowder Causes, the hands of the other, instead of a K’ Due to typography may be a typo.


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