The secret of the film Home Alone 28 years later


If Hollywood movies are talked about, there will be very few films in Pakistan that should be remembered for a long time. But there is a movie that is still alive in the minds of people, due to the PT in the ninth decade. It is broadcast on V or NTM, and it still looks at TV channels. And that’s Homemade.1990’s classic movie has now been 28 years old but now people go about it It is a secret that has shocked many. Indeed, a popular film of the movie in which a single-born child pizza delivery boy fears by being scared of a movie scene, she was not prepared for a real movie, but also home. Yes, yes. The gangster movie I was shown was a fake film.

The famous Hollywood Sailority Seth Rogan reveals that in a statement, ‘My entire child spent thinking that the movie Angels’ movie was seen by Philadelphia Soles. Indeed, he is an old film. ‘ Chris Evans, a starring player of the Marvel series, Captain America, replayed it, ‘Is not it?’ Comedin Nick Krawl was surprised to know that and said, ‘Is not this? (I’m serious to die) ‘. Seth Rogan said in another toilet that he apologized for spoiling the child’s memories. Even Macoli Volkan, who played the main role in the film, did not even know what he revealed after the set of Seth Rogan. In fact, within the film, Gangster was a movie of a 1938 movie analogy Worm Duty Fest, but its dialog is now included in the Hollywood class.


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