The Status of Women in Pakistan


The Status of Women in Pakistan

Pakistan is an Islamic republic state and Islam is very lenient when it comes to women rights. But unfortunately in this Islamic state women don’t know about their rights and unfamiliar with their own right and what will be the future of the person who doesn’t know how he should survive, so we can estimate what is happening with them.

I don’t mean that females have no rights or they are very pity in society but yes due to lack of knowledge and the illiterate nation they don’t know how they can survive respectfully in society.

Especially in rural areas, women worked like donkeys in fields, in their houses but reward is nothing, infect the so-called “Wadeira System”  in our country is continuously dangerous for women, still our TV shows run a series over the bad governance of that system, Many NGOs took stand but this mafia is really unbeatable without the help of Government.

On the other side of the picture, we observe that it’s a class difference too, females with financially strong backgrounds are stand on top positions today in Pakistan. Along with this the middle-class families or even from lower-middle-class families, females are coming with marvelous skills and highly qualified to take part in the development of the country. They are doing jobs in a number of different multinational organizations with confidence and respect. There are many big names in politics, the public sector, and the private sector. Female entrepreneurs are growing faster day after day and showing better output comparatively men.

Almost 28% of women in Pakistan are working for the betterment of their country and for their personal growth as well. Which is really a good sign that shows women empowerment in the country.

Now almost from all over the Pakistan great female names are coming in front of us who are passionate and energetic towards their work. Now they have set their goals and have big dreams to accomplish those goals.

I want to quote here some Entrepreneurs who made their name:

  1. FIZA FARHAN: lighten the 6750 households in meantime by her energy plan.

  2. Jahan Ara: Provides best software products to national and international products.

  3. Nabeela Maqsood: A big name of fashion industry of Pakistan, she started from the hair salon and today we all know about her.

  4. Salania Haroon: Salina Haroon is an entrepreneur who advises leading corporations on ways to introduce innovation and creativity

  5. Salma Jafery: A female entrepreneur gives marketing services to entrepreneurs via social media.

  6. Sana Safinaz: A big name of the fashion industry, outclass marvelous designs dresses done by them.

There is a lot more, I have just given details of few ones, (LATE)Arfa Kareem was a big name of our IT industry,

How we can Forget the name of Benazir Bhutto, the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan, infect she was the first lady who became Prime Minister of any country.

Our courageous females working in the army, flying air crafts, amazing talent Pakistan have, just need little push to those areas which are left behind due to lack of education.


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