The United States honored to exit from Afghanistan while Imran Khan holds the key to it


After the first 100 days of Imran Khan as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, there was a 91-minute long debate held at Brookings Institute’s Center for Middle East Policy located at Washington DC. The debate viewed that Imran Khan has the key to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. There was a buzz among all the panelists that Imran Khan must be provided with an opportunity to honor the US to retreat from the Afghan soil. According to the views of author Bruce Riedel, who was a CIA official for 30 years and now works as a professor at the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies,
It was seen that the US was not able to go out of Afghanistan till the time Pakistan was considered in the equation and this made Imran Khan the ticket for the US in the same context. Pakistan is considered to be one of the unsavory partners of the US according to Donald Trump. Imran Khan is an anti-American Pakistani politician. This is the perception of the US president as it is thought that two of the preceding rulers of Pakistan has washed out approximately 33 billion dollars out of the country and has provided support to the Taliban.

The Pakistani regime for training was well-known at a time, but according to the amendments made by the US President, the training programs have come to a halt in recent times. Several ways are being located by Trump to get the US out of Afghanistan as he has been lately planning and discussing the same with General (R) Jim Mattis, the Secretary of Defense, and Michael Pompeo, the Secretary of State. The planning is being formulated in such a manner, that after the US exit is made from Afghanistan which is a war-ridden country, neither Taliban will take it over nor will a civil war break out in the province.

This is all done because the government led in Pakistan by Imran Khan has grown since the last year after being elected, and they want to overcome the economic factors that are under debt for the country through domestic affair settlements and without any intervention of external countries in the same.


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