The World’s First Double Battery Accessible for Business Cell Phone Clients


Chinese company Oppo has introduced a new smartphone Oops R17 Pro, which has several feature flags, but there is one such thing that has not yet been seen in any other device. However, it is now being offered for sale, which is likely to be introduced in the other countries of the world as potentially RX 17 Pro. The FTP courtesy operates with 6.4 inch amplified screens, Water drop design in the phone has been given a water drop design that is similar to the F9 of the company, i.e. such as a drop of water drops, which has been given the front camera. There is a jiggling colorful design on the back, as well as the fingerprint sensor installed in the display and set up 3 cameras on the back. However, there are some surprising things in the phone by removing it. Even though the triple camera is set up One of them is 12 megapixel, the second 20 megapixels, and the third TOF third-day camera, which will help carry out the the-de-photographs.

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There are also some interesting features in the Photo Laptops Opposite 2 cameras, one of which f 1.5, F 2.4 smart operator that automatically changes according to light. Ai technology is given to take good pictures in low light on this phone. The company has named it Ultra Knight Mode feature. Its front has been given a 25 megapixels camera, which is equipped with ART Fusion Intelligence Technology. This is the first phone in which the new guerrilla glass has been given 6 display but it There is also the world’s first commercial smartphone, not only one but 1850 mAh 2 batteries, which will provide the faster-charging facility. Now the company is already ahead of fasting in the fast charging, now in F 9. The fastest charging battery has been provided and the company claims that the batteries of the R17 Pro charge up to 40 percent in 10 minutes. In other features of the FTP office, Oops Chrome sniper dragons 710 chip, 6 to 8GB of RAM option, 128 GB storage (which can be increased by micro SD card) while the Android OY 8.1 from its cluster OS 5.2 operating system What is it? This phone is being offered on November 11 in China to sell 4300 yuan (over 83 thousand Pakistani rupees), after which it will be introduced to other countries by the end of the month of the month.


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