The world’s “powerful” gaming laptop came in front of


The world’s most powerful ‘gaming laptop’ that you can upgrade to desktop CPUs and GPUs, that is, its technology will never be old.

It is Alien Wheeler Area 51M, which is equipped with an 8-inch desktop cover of 9.9900 desktop processor, while it has been given Novida RTX 2080 mobile graphics and 144 htsps.

This laptop was introduced during the Las Vegas technology show CES.

And the best thing is to equip this upgraded apple laptop with a new technology, but not cheap in terms of cost but spending 450 dollars, RTX 2070 (graphics card) up to RTX 2080 Can grade

According to the company, when consumers diligently can change the device processor, graphics cards, storage and remam, just like a desktop computer, making it a unique laptop.

It is affected by a desktop computer, rather than a desktop computer based on the processor, it has built-in batteries, screens, and keyboards like a laptop.

According to the company, users will easily change what they want to change, and the machine will not hurt anymore.

This laptop battery can be used for a few hours in general use, while continuous games can work up to 45 minutes, but according to the company, it can set up 90Wh batteries in the aircraft, for which a 180-bit small adapter will be available.

It has 8 to 64 GB remote options, while 256 GB is 3bb storage options, as well as the device width is 17 inches and weighs 8 pounds.

Cruise Tech 2.0 technology has been used to save this laptop from being hot during gaming.

The price of this laptop will start at $ 2,000 and it is being offered for sale in various countries on January 21.


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