This iPhone’s trick will change the life


The iPhone uses most of the people, but few people are aware of the truck that a Twitter user discovered last days. This trick helps save time and consumers can quickly adjust their text with it. For this, press the screen on the spacebar for which it can easily merge messages that save individual reputation and save them repeatedly. The Twitter user Cristie Barrier has discovered this screenshot.

While sharing, he wrote himself as a fool because he never knew of his keyboard shortcut. This grocery barrier wrote, ‘Why did not you ever tell me about this iPhone truck?’ – Atlanta Twitter user says if you click on the space bar and press it, then cursor customize You can move anywhere from the thumb, do not try to drag the cursor by dragging it down. Keeping the feature in this feature by pressing the space bar gives the cursor down to the left and right. Fixing typos mistakes is very easy during messaging. The most obvious thing is that most iPhone users were not even aware of this trick and Cristi’s After tweeting, they were astonished by trying it.


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