This is the first “5G” smartphone of the world


If your 4G phone speed is tight, then the good news is that you can also get 5G smartphone very soon.

During the consumer electronics show released in Las Vegas, Verizon introduced its first Wi-Fi Smartphone. But in fact it is not a FYG but for a fonts, which can be converted into a FY via a modular.

This is Motorola’s Zero iPhone, introduced as a 4G phone in August last year, it was announced that it would provide a modest mode that will equipped this device with Wi-Fi technology.

This FiveG Motto Mode will replace Motorola ZTrey at first Wi-Fi phone when Verify will offer this new network service to users.

Croatia said while adding that the first phone is the latest phone that will upgrade to 5G networks in addition to the FYG Motto Module.

Photo Gallery Motorola
Fee is a revolutionary technology that will be available in every country in the future, with which internet speed will be multiplied compared to Forex and network service will be better than ever.

Fat motor is with glass and metal body, which has a 6-inch large amplified screen which has reduced the top and bottom bazel’s rate somewhat.

On its back, you can discover 2, 12 megapixel 2 cameras, while 8 megapixel cameras have been delivered on the Front.

The coconut snap dragon 835 processor has been given in thick zinc, while 4GB and 64 GB storage have been provided.

The headphone jack is not present in it, but the converter converter can be used for this purpose.

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Now the FIG Motto Modular, which can connect this phone with Wi-Fi’s Wi-Fi network, this mode will be available to users at the beginning of 2019.

According to Motorola, with the help of free goto mode, this phone’s data speed speed will reach 5 Gb per second – it will be possible to download 60 full HD movies (if 4.84 GB) in one minute.

This modular attachment will be mounted on 4 mm wide modes on the front, side and back, so that the Wi-Fi network can be connected.

The Live Stream and Realtime VR experience will be possible on the FG network, but battery power will end soon, so the Wi-Fi mode will also be given 2000 mh battery.

Photo Gallery Motorola
As noted above, the smartphone phone is not a real Wi-Fi phone because this technology will not exist within it, but with the help of the modular, it has got the first ever respected network runner phone.

The phone version of the phone was $ 480, but the value of the benefit of the mobile module was not currently announced.


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