This phone’s design has not been seen in any smartphone yet


Smartphones will see you very much, but no Chinese company can compete with the new console device of Vioo, which is your example.

Last year, the company had touched people with its smartphone access screen, camera, and other features, but now it looks like Wii is about to set up a new smartphone design design that other companies have not even imagined.

As mentioned above, Vivo Nex was a surprise designer, while its Nex dual display edition was even more surprising.

But this company is not working here but it is working on a water drop phone, which people have ever imagined in the past.

The famous Twitter user Ice Icon has leaked a few pictures of The Water Drop Phone, and you will be surprised to see its design for leaks of Smartphone.

This user wrote in his tweet ‘Crisis phone starts leaking, it’s a mysterious smartphone with a Wi-Fi code whose name is the water drop.’

The full design in both the photos posted on this phone on Twitter is not visible, but less than 50% is shown, but it is believed that it is a fully-equipped glass cell that has been mounted around.

It does not see any buttons and port holes that make many questions about where front cameras and censors go or what about a backup camera?

Of course wireless charging, screenprint scanner in screen and Bluetooth audio is possible, but data transfer and cameras require holes in the phone design.

According to Ice Icon, you have never seen such a design and this will be the first phone of your mobile phone history.

However, Twitter users did not tell how long this phone will be introduced or announced.


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