3 Sea Fighter of Ukrainian snached by Russians



Russia retains 3 navy warriors in Moscow, Russia and Ukraine again again again, Russia seized 3 navy warriors near the sea near Cremator. Russia’s FSB The security service says the power supply was used to prevent Ukraine’s war ships in a water passage, which is located in the Auzov sea. Ukraine Navy has confirmed its 2 small warships and a tag boot. Ukraine’s NATO and EU have appealed to the parties to work patiently on this matter. They demanded Russia to Ukraine should be allowed to move freely on the naval route. Read also: 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Karman Shah of Iran Province, 70 people were killed 30 people dead, many missing in the lake of Hurricane Uganda. 

Ukrainian 3 Sea Fighter snached by Russians

Ukrainian Navy Statement

The Ukrainian maritime power said Russian extraordinary forces had seized three of its vessels working at a benefit Sea and that two of its sailors had been harmed in the event.

It advanced the articulation after earlier saying that Russia had opened fire on the watercraft, which Russia ruined from experiencing the Kerch Strait into the Sea of Azov. There was no brisk response to the charge from Russia.

Statement from Ukraine’s National Security Board

Ukraine’s national security board said President Petro Poroshenko had collected a meeting of his military department to discuss the condition.



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