Video SEO – How to Rank YouTube Videos – Proven Strategies

Video SEO - How to Rank YouTube Videos - Proven Strategies
Video SEO - How to Rank YouTube Videos - Proven Strategies

I know I know it’s hard to grow our YouTube Channel. In fact, many of people are struggling to grow their channels. Absolutely! Content is King but that doesn’t mean you ignore Video SEO. Hey My name is Abrar Nadir and In this Video I’m going to show you How to Rank YouTube Videos and these 10 Actionable Tips will grow your channel super fast.

There’re thousands of business which only rely on Videos. Video Marketing is the fastest way to grow your any type of business. Because 85% of People loves to watch Videos.

Interested! Keep Reading….

Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process to rank your Videos on Google and YouTube any search engine on the top of page. You wanna Example? Let me give to you.

Pay Attention! Suppose you have a video on that topic “How to Remove a Copyright Strike” and people searching this particular keyword term everyday, but why your video it’s not showing on first page of YouTube. Yup that’s called an Video SEO.

Optimize your Videos to rank them on first page of Google and YouTube are all about Video SEO

#1 Keyword Research

Keywords are the plays most important role in Search Engines, If you haven’t good keywords on your Blog and YouTube Channel you will never get success.

How to Find Keywords?

There’re many ways to find keywords but when it comes for YouTube and Google, I highly suggest you to utilize YouTube Suggestions.

Here’s how?

Go to and write a main subject of your video. Like I want to create video on YouTube Video SEO so I’ll search something like that.

Now these above keywords phrases are most searchable on YouTube about my topic.

These Suggested Keywords are GREAT…

But Why?

Because YouTube only showing you the keywords which are searching by everyone and the advantage of that you don’t need to worry about the phrases popularity. If you YouTube shows you so that’s means they are 10000% best keywords.

#2 How to Find Keywords From Competitor Channels

Let me give you another example for finding keywords using your Competitor Channels. Here’s How.

Head over to and Search about your “keyword phrase” Let me search “Video SEO”.

I found my 3 Top Competitors on this Keyword Phrase ” Video SEO” Just head over all the channels videos>section.

Head over to Sort By Section and Click on “Most Popular“.

Here’s the magic you will see all the popular videos/keywords on that channel. If you want to compete that channels you need to analyze your competitors on that particular keyword phrase.

How to Analyze the Competitors

Go to your keyword phrase video, I mean find your competitor video around your targeted keyword and open the video.

  • Check the Targeted Keyword like Brain Dean used Video SEO phrase as a targeted keyword.
  • Check how much times he used his keyword on titles,tags and description
  • Look up on the Publishing Date I mean if you rank this keyword you will get expectation for getting this kind of views in 2 years.
  • Analyze the Video Duration If you want to compete your competitor you need to create long videos then him, because the more longer video you have that’s mean the more value content you have.

More Tips:

  • Point out your Competitor Mistakes on your Targeted Keyword
  • Giving more value to your video
  • Your Information Must be authentic and informative

Although, the most easy way to spy your competitors keywords. Utilizing the YouTube Video SEO Tools. I highly suggest you to Install Vidiq Chrome Extension. Tube Buddy also a best option.

Thanks to Vidiq! Because this extension shows me my competitor all ranking tags/keywords and other mistakes. It’s gives me extra boost to Rank YouTube Videos.

Don’t be Confuse! Now you just need to target low competition keywords because you’re in initial stages and you have not much authority of your channel.

How to Scratching Low Competition Keywords?

Head over to YouTube and search about your targeted keyword. Here’s How

Go to Filter and Select the Option known as “This Month”

Here’s the Trigger!

Now YouTube only show you the results according to views your Targeted keyword getting for your competitors.


Press Ctrl + F and write Video SEO. With this act you will see your competitors channels who used that keyword on their videos. On above Screenshot I got 19 competitors on my particular keyword.

Is it good keyword?

Yes that’s our main subject just analyze the views on your targeted keyword by filter the option “This Month”

Things you Need to know:

If you competitor has a new channel and he is getting views day by day on specific main video you’re creating content. That’s mean it’s awesome keyword.

Finally! Create a Video on your targeted main subject keyword.

Video Creation Tips

  1. Valuable Content don’t be fake you must need to know in which you going to create content.
  2. Hook Up Your Videos in First 15 Seconds Try to say your main subject of video at the first seconds so your viewers will get a idea what they going to watch.
  3. Use the Custom Graphics: Try to use more images,slides as well video graphics for engage your audience. You will use Video Motion Pro Software for graphics as well for images.
  4. Focus on Voice Quality: Your voice quality will be the best because it’s help your users to listen you correctly.
  5. Add Call to Actions inside of Video: After 2 minute period of time try to add some call to actions. You will easily create from Canva,Photoshop.
  6. Do QNA in the last of your video: Ask your audience to watch your video till the end because you have an amazing puzzle question for them.

ON Page SEO?

Don’t be silly and upload your video as the titled “My Video 1” Most of the Content Creators doing this mistake. They ignore ON Page SEO. So if you want to rank your Videos on top of YouTube. You need to follow the On PAGE SEO.

Go to your Video Location, Right Click and Select ”Properties’

Head over the Details TAB click that and write your main keyword on first 4 sections.

Just follow the above screenshot and you will be able to put your main keywords on first 5 sections. It’s really boost your rankings. Bet me!

More Video Optimization Tips

Title: Yes, it is necessary to write your Main Targeted Keyword on First Lines but don’t forget to create a compelling title. You also use the clickbait titles but I suggest you to make your titles simple,attractive and compelling.

Here’s How

Look at the Brian Dean Work! He used his main targeted keyword on first title line and rest of the words are also a title based keyword.

All you need to do just your the Simple Title. Suppose I selected a keyword “Video SEO” So my titles will be

”Video SEO – How to Boost Your Videos Rankings in 1 Day (Like Rocket)”

Let’s break down my title

First I used the Main Keyword then I added some attractive words like Boost, then I Used the alternative keyword like Video Rankings in 1 Day. At last I Added a attractive word like “Rocket”

What’s that Means?

When you following this pattern your audience will more engage with you. It’s easy to understand for your audience that what’s they going to watch.


Thumbnails are the most important factor to rank your videos. I mean you ranked your video but the most challenging part is to convert the users into viewers and then subscribers.

The more Attractive thumbnails you have the more clicks you will get on your videos that means you will get lots of views.

Branding Thumbnails?

Branding Thumbnails are the thumbnails which have the something same on all your video thumbnails. Might be it’s the same background,elements,your face expression or others. All you need to do just create a same template for your all videos.

How to Create Stunning Thumbnails?

There are many software for creating fantastic eye catching thumbnails but I personally using Photoshop or Canva.

Photoshop is a great pc software for any types of graphics, If you want to learn more about Photoshop so google it.

Canva is a great online website for creating any kind of graphics and the best part of this website that it’s totally FREE!

Pay Attention! Don’t forget to do your Thumbnail On Page SEO same as you do with your video.

Description Optimization

It is also the other ranking factors for doing Video SEO. Description is a part of your video where you will describe your video.

Optimization Tips

  • Make sure your description have long more then 200+ words.
  • Don’t forget to your use your main keyword on first 3 lines

As you see my competitor are also added the main keywords on 2 times in the first lines of description.

  • Ask your audience to subscribe your channel on Description
  • Add Social Media Links
  • Also cover the main keyword of your video in the last part of description.
  • Try to insert more relevant video links on your description.
  • Timestamps Links are also important.

Tags Optimization

Tags plays the most important role on your video when you doing Video SEO. Add your keywords on your tags section.

How to Find Tags according to your Main Targeted Keyword?

Head over to and write your main targeted keyword. Now you will see all the tags according to your main targeted keyword.

Additional Tips:

  • Don’t forget to add your some competitor tags
  • Use Tube Buddy and Vidiq for get ranking tags
  • is another best website for your next tags
  • Don’t forget to add your channel name on tags

#2 How to Create Own Ranking Tags

Sometimes, YouTube doesn’t show you tags/keywords on long tail titles like check the screenshot down below

Now I found this title and I’m going to create video on that but Wait!

How I found the Tags on this Keyword?

You just need to break the title into multiple keywords. Here’s how

“How to Remove a Copyright Strike from your YouTube Account 2018”

Now you selected your long tail title it’s time to create tags for your keyword so just break it more.


How to remove a copyright strike,remove copyright strike,copyright strike,remove copyright,remove copyright strikes from YouTube and how to remove copyright strikes from YouTube.

How’s that! let me know in comments section.

Additional Ranking Factors

  • Watch Time is the most Important factor to do Video SEO or to rank your Videos
  • Social Sharing: Sharing your Video on Social Media are the best way to get out reach views.
  • Embed your Video into Blog’s and Websites
  • Utilize the Cards and End Screens.
  • Replies to your all comments
  • Likes or Dislikes ratio also matter but don’t rely much on that because criticism is the part of life.
  • CAPTIONS are the most import thing to consider when you doing something extra related to Video SEO.

How to Do Social Sharing?

Head over on your videos> section and copy the video link you want to share.

Go to a website known as ‘ThumbTube’ and paste your video link ther for getting big size thumbnail clickable link.

Click on “Create Link” Now you will see the large size Clickable Thumbnails.

Now you will get large size clickable thumbnail and simple all you need to do just write some headlines.

Social Platforms

Share your video on your all social handles like Instagram,Snapchat,Facebook and don’t forget Whatsapp and other social sharing platforms.

How to Use Cards and End Screens

Go to Videos Manager and select your video. Click on Edit Section and On top of that you will see “Cards” Option.

Now all you need to do just add the cards on your video by clicking on ”Add Card” Button and Click on Save changes.

Now head over on the END Screens and add some elements of end screen on your videos.

How to Add Captions

Go to Video Edit Section and click on the ”Subtitles & Captions” from the top right corner.

Look at here! You need to change your language first in order to add captions so change your language.

Now you have 2 methods you will upload the file if you saved the captions while editing the videos. Otherwise you will create new subtitles or Closed Captions.

Final Words:

Although,There are many other methods to rank Your YouTube Videos. I’ll definitely share the more methods with you. If you like this post let me know in comments section and I’ll meet you on the another article.


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