Warid 3G Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2018


Presently subsequent to presenting Warid calling and SMS bundles its clients can appreciate the quick and rapid 3G organize alongside 4G.It was an old story, as our site passes on the progressive data on the present issue that these days all Warid endorsers can savor and buy in to all bundles of the Warid 3G web bundles or packages given by the Mobilink.

Truly, this is correct! The merger of Warid and the Mobilink welcome the Warid clients who can buy in the equivalent Mobilink 3G Internet bundles and the packs of the web which are utilized by clients of Jazz. The choice of choices is presently more shifted and more extensive for every one of the endorsers of Warid who would nowadays be able to pick the superlative accessible bundles of 3G web for themselves as indicated by their wants alongside their required spending plan. It is additionally imperative to specify that the new Mobilink 3G web packs are likewise accessible for both the LTE organizes alongside 3G. It concocts that client of Warid can have the capacity to utilize and buy in all these 3G bundles on both LTE arrange and in addition 3G at a fast because of the telephone similarity and inclusion territory criteria.

Step by step instructions to Subscribe Warid 3G Package:

For membership of new 3G bundles, Warid clients can dial *443#

Rundown of NEW Warid 3G Packages:

The accompanying new 3G bundles are presently accessible for Warid prepaid clients in Pakistan:

Day by day Facebook: 30MBs for Rs. 5 as it were.

Day by day 3G: 50MBs for Rs. 12 as it were.

3-Day: 100MBs for Rs. 20 as it were.

Week after week: 300MBs for Rs. 50 as it were.

Week after week Social: 500MBs + 200MBs for FB/WhatsApp for Rs. 75 as it were.

Week after week: 1GB for Rs. 110 as it were.

Month to month: 1.5GBs for Rs. 160 as it were.

Month to month: 2GBs for Rs. 300 as it were.

Month to month: 5GBs for Rs. 500 as it were.

Month to month: 8GBs for Rs. 800 as it were.

The best thing is that all costs of 3G bundles are comprehensive of all charges.

Step by step instructions to Subscribe Warid 3G Package:

For a membership of new 3G bundles by Warid Telecom, Warid clients can dial *443# from their prepaid associations, anyplace any Pakistan.

Rundown of NEW Warid 3G Packages:

List of NEW Warid 3G Packages:

The said underneath are the new 3G bundles that are currently offered for Warid prepaid endorsers in all around the Pakistan. These Warid 3G Prepaid Packages extend from hourly, every day, multi day, week after week to month to month legitimacy and in addition substantial MBs to simply person to person communication compose. The total subtle elements of all Warid 3G packs for prepaid clients tabled beneath:

Internet Bundles Price(Rs.)


Mature time Subscription Code
Hour 10 2,000 MB Next 2 Hours *846# *846*2#
Social pack 5 30 MB 24 Hours *114*5# *114*5*2#
Browser for daily 12 50 MB 24 Hours *117*11# *117*11*2#
Browser of 3 days 20 100 MB 3 Days *117*1# *117*1*2#
3-Day (2AM – 2PM) 15 500 MB 3 Days *114*14# *114*14*2#
Browser for week 50 300 MB 7 Days *117*3# *117*3*2#
Weekly 500 MB 7 Days *117*7# *117*7*2#
 Premium for 1 week 110 1,000 MB 7 Days *117*47# *117*47*2#
Extreme of week (2AM-2PM) 70 2,500 MB 7 Days *117*14# *117*14*2#
Browser for month 160 2,000 MB 30 Days *117*77# *117*77*2#
Monthly Premium 500 6,000 MB 30 Days *117*30# *117*30*2#
Month to Month preeminant 800 8,000 MB 30 Days *117*32# *117*32*2#
Month to Month  Mega 1,200 12,000 MB 30 Days *117*36# *117*36*2#
Month to Month extreme 2,000 25,000 MB 30 Days *117*35# *117*35*2#
Month to Month extraordinary (2AM-2PM) 125 5,000 MB 30 Days *117*34# *117*34*2#



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