Water shortage in the country’s 2 major dams may face severe deficit this year:


The Indus River System Authority (Arsa) alerted the rapid reduction in water in the country’s 2 major dams. According to Arsa officials, the current level of water in Taurandadium has left 1416 ft when the water level in the Mangala dam Arrives at 1113 feet. Arsa authorities said that water reserves in Mongolia have been kept up to 63 feet above the deadline and water reservoir in Toulouse has left 30 degrees above the deadline.

According to Arsa officials, both the dams could not be filled this year this year, and this year, severe water scarcity may occur when Punjab and Sindh are likely to get water from their share. It is important that the water scarcity concerns in Pakistan In this regard, the Supreme Court has ordered the construction of Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dam whereas the Chief Justice of Pakistan has set up funds for the construction of Dam, which is continuing to fund. Apart from this, Prime Minister Imran Khan will also hold the foundation of  Dam next month.


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